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Making an Exit

Looking to do a beautiful exit shot?

If you want to get amazing exit photos, but don’t want to book your photographer for the after party, dinner or reception, you can do an exit without really leaving. Here’s how: After the ceremony, you can do your “exit” and then get into your car and just go around the block and circle back around. Then when you come back to the venue, enter in through a back exit. If you drive around the block and come back to the same spot, some people may still be lingering and talking to each other. That means when you get out of your car, they will want to come talk to you and congratulate you, tell you how pretty you look and whatnot. This can take up valuable photo time. If you come in through a back exit, you don’t run into people and get stuck in conversation when you’re trying to get back in for photos. This is especially important if you are limited on time like in a pop up wedding, or on a strict schedule. If you only have an hour for photos and you get stuck talking to people, this could easily eat up half the time without you even realizing it! Make sure that you let everyone who is going to be in pictures know that you’re not actually going to be leaving and tell them where to meet you right after your exit for your planned after party. This way, you don’t have people missing or confused and everything will run smoothly.