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Multiple ceremonies will happen in one day, at the same location, but never at the same time. You benefit from the shared expense without paying the full cost of venue rental, décor, floral design, marriage officiant and photography!

  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • Ceremony venue rental
  • Beautifully styled ceremony decor
  • Bride & Groom floral with cake topper
  • A personalized, legal ceremony with a registered officiant
  • Ceremony music playlist
  • Seating for up to 20 guests
  • Professional Photography Session including high res images on a keepsake USB in a protective photo box cette page. Photography by Shine Photo
  • A small cake or macaron pyramid for up to 20 guests. Coffee, tea and a non-alcoholic toast
  • An area for celebrating the toast to the new couple
  • A wide variety of add-on features such as the engagement photo session, a canine ring bearer, beautiful full color photo albums, live music, photo booths and more.

Pop-up Wedding Days are beautiful and unique pre-planned wedding days in which a number of couples say their “I do” in a short and intimate ceremony. We bring together all the professional touches, including locations and theme. While there may be several weddings on the same day, the ceremonies all take place at different times, and the biggest benefit is that portions of the costs are shared, allowing you to budget for other things…like your new home, a honeymoon or your education.

Our Exclusive Pop-up Elopement Weddings are not shared with anyone and are much more customizable – you choose the date, colours and location for your perfect ceremony. Elopements typically focus more on JUST the bride and groom and may be just the two of you with a witness. They are all short and sweet (under two hours) and all-inclusive with less seating.  Additional charges may apply.

Our all inclusive pop-up wedding package starts at $1950.00 and includes a venue, the decor, and officiant, music, bouquet, boutenierre, cupcakes, non-alcoholic toast, seating for up to 10 guests, and of course, professional photography services with HR digital images in an heirloom USB presentation box. The decor, florals, colors, music and photography are all customizable. Your wedding is exclusive to your chosen date and venue/location. Prices will vary depending upon the chosen venue and florals. Many add-on products and services are also available viagra für frauen online.

Our all inclusive pop-up wedding package is priced at $2500.00 + HST and includes our venue, the decor, and officiant, bouquet, boutenierre, small cake, non-alcoholic punch, seating for up to 20 guests, toasting area and of course, professional photography services with HR digital images in an exquisite heirloom USB presentation box. Many add-on products and services are also available cialis 20mg price.

We are open to all specific requests and will to make them happen if possible. It’s your wedding, so all you have to do ask lasix hinta!

Mother Nature definitely can have her own agenda. For each or our wedding day pop up events we provide some type of shelter, be it an indoor venue, a tent or our lovely rustic barn. Unfortunately we cannot promise the same where couples choose their own venue for elopement packages We do have a selection of wonderful clear umbrellas for those events!

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Sorry, no. All our pop up weddings are non-alcohol events. The serving of alcohol requires a liquor licence and brings with it a host of concerns on a day where multiple weddings are to take place. We encourage you to save the celebratory libations for a licenced facility or home party after the ceremony lasix hinta.

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Yes and no. We don’t include a rehearsal as part of the package, but would be happy to provide some helpful hints if you would like to plan one yourself. Some of our officiants offer a pre wedding consultation and a rehearsal is available as an add-on at some of our venues. This can all be discussed at your initial consultation.

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Yes, if you have a ceremony location in mind for your wedding ceremony, please get in touch with us. We will work with you to make your venue choice a reality where possible. Additional fees may apply

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Yes! absolutely. Choose your pop up wedding from any of our wedding day themed packages. These offer the most economical ceremony options, but singular weddings on your choice of day (if available) are also an option. An add-on fee will be applied. Our Elopement Packages also allow for the selection of your own date

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