About Our Photography

Having a professional photographer is one of the greatest assets you can have at any wedding. When you’re celebrating your 10th, or 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary, it’ll be your photographs that help you to remember all the details of the day.  That’s why Inspired Weddings is a division of Shine Photo.  That’s right. We are professional photographers.  We know how much these memories mean to you and we are here to make you SHINE in your images!  We believe in the longevity of printed products and the fun of digital. We provide your images on a USB in a beautiful presentation cover, but we also have every print, wall art and fine art product that you might like. Our wall art will likely outlast your furniture. Now THAT’S Longevity!  Frame What You Love!

Learn more about our photography in the brochure below or visit the Shine Photo Website. 

Photography Add On Items